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                                   Airwheel S3

The electric scooter S3 differs from its fellow competitors in the premium quality, remote key control and Bluetooth music player. S3 features top magnesium alloy used to build Airbus A380, which is solid and durable, as well as super light to realize portability and low power consumption. The magnetic levitation motor that powers S3 delivers maximum output power 1000W and features anti-overvoltage/overcurrent/overheat, and it can work consistently for 100000hrs. Moreover, S3 is mounted with a magnified 4in LED display panel to clearly show you real-time travelling data.


A traditional self-balancing one wheel scooter usually shifts into “sleep mode” instead of being completely cut off when it is turned off. As for S3, it’ll shut down the battery discharge mechanism to the control chip once turned off by the remote key, which extends the standby time up to 3 months. Airwheel R&D team has innovatively applied dual control chips and dual battery protection boards on S3, which allocates balanced battery power on 2 hub motors to avoid overload problem. In addition, S3 makes a difference by its Bluetooth music player which connects your smart phone to play songs on by its dual bass speakers.


It is designed for everyone’s everyday use instead of a playful toy of the rich. In addition, Airwheel S3 is CE certified with standard specs, just drive along without worrying about safety. Airwheel S3 is more than an eco-friendly commute aid, but rather an intelligent life style.

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